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2011 Spring Pup Photos from our Sierra & Ben litter

Thanks all of our new families for the updates and photos as their new pup grows.




Maggie going home
Maggie visiting months later, looks just like Sierra!
Spencer going home
Cooper & Zoe ready to go!
Drex helping with the flowers
Drex, thankfully a much better duck hunter than gardener!
Moose going home right after he stops to say good-bye to
Lucie, Sierra (mom) and Jazzi

Moose summer 2011 
Jim & Bear  on go-home day

A Note from Jim and Bear (Sierra & Ben pup from 2011)

Hi! My name is Bear and It has been two weeks since I left your place with Jim. Do you remember me ? I'm now 9 weeks old and learning a lot of new thing's and having so many new experiences, it makes my head swim. Eliza Island is a great place to learn and live.

The 1'st week we just met a lot of new people, dogs and cats. They all like me and make a great deal of how cute I am except Tom the cat, he scratched my nose a couple of times because I wanted to play with him; what a dud. I am learning so many things, the beach has so many things to investigate, crabs, clams, oysters and a whole lot of seaweed with all kinds of things to check out. The salt water does not taste very good though. Jim says I'm pretty smart and learn real fast but can be real stubborn.

I'm about double the size when I left and my back feet finally caught up with the front ones so I can run real fast and go up and down stairs real easy. I can jump pretty good too. I'm pretty much potty trained and we started 1st grade this week. Jim expects me to sit, stay and come to that darn noisy whistle; that is when I get a little stubborn. I have to be careful when I'm outside because Jim says the Eagles have new babies and I would be a tasty morsel for them. I hope my brothers and sisters were lucky as me and live in exciting places and nice homes. Well, thanks for taking care of me for 7 weeks, hope some day to see you again.