logo It's all about doing what you love and loving what you do here at Alderwood, we live a country lifestyle and believe in the virtues of a hand shake if even over the Internet
MainPic You can be certain of finding a friendly, warm smile and help making a decision about adding a member to your household. We are a family owned  business for over 9 years with passion for our dogs. We provide a wonderful home for them on 25 acres in Sandy Oregon located on the foothills of Mt. Hood.

 We have selected, what we think, are some of the
best qualities in a Labrador, and breed to emphasize those qualities. When you meet our dogs, we think you will like what you see. Of course, we stand behind every dog we sell, you can rest assured that you are buying a strong, healthy, well socialized pup.

You won't find long lists of champions or high strung sophisticated dogs here, just people loving, hard working, tail wagging Labs


Choosing A Lab Puppy...


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How do I ever select just the right litter and then the right pup for me from that litter? Well, that's a tough one, but maybe we can help....

We have developed a reservation system that we hope is fair to everyone. You can find it explained here.....

So much to know to take care of our Labs, feeding, training, breeding, health care and fun. Review all our resources (click here)


Alderwood.- Our Mission and Goals

We love Labrador Retrievers and try to promote a genetically sound breed.  At the same time refining our efforts to provide a fun loving family companion or a hard working hunter/retriever to caring and responsible homes.

Goal One, A genetically sound, healthy Labrador Retriever...

Goal Two, family companion, working or hunter/retriever dogs

Goal Three... to provide  a personal experience when adopting your pup...


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