logo It is great fun to work out with our Labs! The versatile Labrador Retriever allows us to go in many directions for fun and competition.
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How many ways does a Lab enjoy your presence and want to please you. There are some Labs that excel at one thing or another, but generally they are up to anything that you want to do. Once a Lab gets in their head what makes you happy, there's no holding back, that's what makes them happy. There is no shortage of organizations that have been formed to emphasize one form of competition or another. To identify with a local chapter of one of these organizations is to find many people of kindred spirit, more than happy to help and get you going.


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Links to Lab Activity Organizations

Use the list below as a general guideline for choosing a fun activity with your Lab. Much more to be added here!  still working here

Active and Fast
Agility Clubs dogs are timed against a standard course
Tracking Clubs a competitive form of Search & Rescue
"Big Air" - Dock Dogs wet and wild - see a Lab fly
Hunting Trials (coming soon)
Field Trials (coming soon)
Brain Power
Obedience Trials AKC trials and tests allow exhibitors and their dogs to enjoy companionship and competition as they proudly earn AKC titles.
Conformation Clubs compete for AKC titles and show awards
Feature or Benefit (coming soon)
Good Lookers
Conformation Clubs compete for AKC titles and show awards