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Breeding Labrador Retrievers in Oregon with a primary emphasis on disposition. These Labs are not fancy line bred show animals, or high strung field champions, but bred to be great family pets and awesome hunting companions.

Amber of Chinook Valley
AKC Registration Number: -
Pedigree: AKC  (click here)
OFA: Pending
DNA Analysis: N/A
Height at Shoulder: 21 1/2 in.
Current Weight: 80 lbs.
is a Product of Alderwood, a litter by Lucie and Max and is the absolute tops in a Lab. He is smart, obedient, birdie, loves the water, stellar disposition, gentle and loves to play. He is owned by Neal Bohn of Portland, Oregon who plans to place him to stud and eventually use him to breed his own kennel of Labs, you currently may contact Neal through us and when finished you may find a link to Neal's website here.

  • fantastic loving disposition
  • big, strong, muscular
  • intelligent
  • excellent water dog/retriever
  • short slick coat, wavy
  • laid back, calm, gentle
  • good watchdog
Labrador Hunting
Lab shaking after swim  
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