Breeding Labrador Retrievers in Oregon with a primary emphasis on disposition. These Labs are not fancy line bred show animals, or high strung field champions, but bred to be great family pets and awesome hunting companions.

Jazzi Alderwood Jasmine - "Jazzi"
AKC Registration Number: - SR41790502
DOB: 4/27/2007
Pedigree: AKC 
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OFA: Pending 6/24/2008
Height at Shoulder: 22 in.
Current Weight: 75 lbs.
Jazzi has captured the attention of a lot of people. A yellow Lab, her color is actually white, smaller in stature, her conformation is more like the dogs that are shown by today's standards. Jazzi is aloof in nature, a stand back and watch it go by dog, yet very playful and calm, with a mind of her own. Her carriage is stately and fluid, almost like she knows she is something special. Jazzi and Hooch are a perfect match. The intent is breed a very laid back good looking, family dog.

 Vet clearances and OFA preliminary certifications have been obtained, things are looking like Jazzi will be around a long time.
  • little bit shy disposition
  • medium build
  • intelligent
  • good water dog
  • medium curly coat
  • very laid back
Lab on Point
Lab shaking after swim LAbrador in Office  
Lab jumping in water Jazzi
Doc Portrait Jazzi - 4 mths  
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