Breeding Labrador Retrievers in Oregon with a primary emphasis on disposition. These Labs are not fancy line bred show animals, or high strung field champions, but bred to be great family pets and awesome hunting companions.

Alderwood Lucie - "Lucie"

AKC Registration Number: - SR49600311
DOB: 4/25/2008
Pedigree: AKC  (click here)
OFA - 
DNA Analysis: N/A
Height at Shoulder: 21 1/2 in.
Current Weight: 85lbs.
Lucie is a character! She was selected primarily for conformation and disposition and is certainly all of that. She is a very smart dog and has a wonderful disposition. Lucie loves the water and easily socializes with people and other dogs. She is very outgoing and friendly! She is also very curious, always looking up the side a steep hill, sticking her head down in a hole or swimming across a pond to see what's on the other side. She is developing into a BEAUTIFUL Lab, has a very interesting "spirit" about her, full of life and always testing to see what she can get away with, but quickly
obedient when she understands who is the boss. Lucie has become one of the favorites at Alderwood and we anticipate her litters with our newly acquired D
  • fantastic disposition
  • big, strong, lean, up on her legs
  • intelligent
  • excellent water dog/retriever
  • short slick coat
  • laid back
Lab on Point
Chocolate Lab Pup
6 weeks
LAbrador in Office
16 weeks
Lab jumping in water
8 weeks
Labrador into Water
7 months
Labrador Hunting

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