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Breeding Labrador Retrievers in Oregon with a primary emphasis on disposition. These Labs are not fancy line bred show animals, or high strung field champions, but bred to be great family pets and awesome hunting companions.

Alderwood Maggie - "Maggie"

AKC Registration Number: - SR24783302
DOB: 3/13/2005 - Retired
Pedigree: AKC 
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Height at Shoulder: 22 in.
Current Weight: 76 lbs.

Maggie is the Alpha female at Alderwood and is the most athletic and playful dog that we have. From a pup Maggie would pass the time by playing "soccer" with a small soccer ball, bumping it with her nose and feet by the hour. She still loves to play with tennis ball and will quickly catch on to a new game. She is the only one of our Labs that will "point" a bird, as well as anything that grabs her attention. Maggie is a good mother and tends to have a large litter, a favorite at Alderwood. Always ready to play and to please, she is the one who usually comes up with the tennis ball when the "pack" is chasing it and will play until your arm wears out throwing a ball. Maggie is one of those dogs that find their way into your heart and occupy a large part of it. Those that have visited Alderwood will attest to her energy and enthusiasm. A very good mother, her pups, for the most part show the same playful nature while exhibiting the same ability to quickly win your heart.  Maggie's pups tend to be family pets and companion dogs.

  • really fantastic disposition
  • medium build, muscular, lean
  • intelligent
  • excellent water dog
  • medium length, curly coat
  • enthusiastic
  • playful
  • great family dog
Lab on Point
Yellow Lab LAbrador in Office  
Yellow Lab Labrador into Water
Yellow Lab Doc Portrait
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