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Breeding Labrador Retrievers in Oregon with a primary emphasis on disposition. These Labs are not fancy line bred show animals, or high strung field champions, but bred to be great family pets and awesome hunting companions.

Meet the Dogs

our friends, partners, companions. They make us laugh, try our patience and are constantly teaching us. Life would be empty without them! If we can help bring some of the happiness to your life, that these marvelous creatures have brought to ours, then our efforts are all worth it. A Lab is multi-talented! A loyal family pet, a hard working service hero, a trusted guide or therapy dog, an energetic competition athlete or the best hunting partner we ever could hope for. Let us introduce you to each of our dogs and see the diverse personalities expressed by each one.
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Black Lab
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White Labrador Retriever

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Chocolate Labrador
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Jasmine (Jazzi)
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