logo Once we become attached to our Lab companions we begin to get very concerned about preserving that relationship as long as possible. We want our Lab to continue in the best of health and performance for as long as possible...... so we learn about all we can to be a good companion.
Health Care for Labrador Retrievers
The health care most of us can give our Labs is good food, exercise, proper training, protection from bad stuff and plenty of love. Our vet will take care of real serious stuff and it is good to know when to take your Lab to the vet and when to treat them at home. Learn about current thinking concerning vaccines  and the obvious signs of something wrong. Labs seem to have a tendency to get into trouble, our job is to  look ahead and around to keep them safe. Labs are gregarious dogs. They love people and other dogs. If they get bored they are going to look for people and dogs...this can spell trouble!

A Healthy Lab is a Happy Lab -

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Labs are gregarious dogs. They love people and other dogs. If they get bored they are going to look for people and dogs. When they are looking they may be wandering, when they are wandering they are bound to get in trouble. A busy road, a neighbor's burn pile, livestock to chase, all mean trouble. If they are confined and can't wander, they will dig, if they can't dig they will chew if they can't chew they will bark...... a bored dog is going to get in trouble and that will usually lead to a health/well being issue. Lab owners need to be one step ahead all the time. If someone can't be home all the time maybe a playmate might be a good alternative.

Surprisingly, there is no secret to good health care for your Lab. Many of the other resource areas on this website contribute directly to your partner's well being. Feeding, exercise, training, grooming, safety, etc. All these things added together will provide the very best environment for your dog. The menu bar to the right will highlight all the areas, when taken together, will help to insure a long and beneficial relationship between you and your Lab.

Common Problems.....
In all our years of tending livestock as well as breeding, raising and training dogs, the resources we have to work with describes disease and conditions, often in great detail.
What care most about is not knowing all about the disease, but how to make our animals well again, and keep them that way.

We are not vetinarians and often we have a situation that we simply can't handle, that's when we turn to our local trusted vetinarian. We do not encourage self diagnosis beyond your capability or knowledge and urge you to consult your vet immediately when concerned with any problem with your dog.

That said, over the years we have gained a fair amount of practical knowledge that has helped us treat our animals at home, often saving much money and always imparting the care and love that simply cannot be institutionalized. The internet is full of information about what the problem is, we try to share what we do to fix the problem. Exotic disease or situations involving required surgery or cancer treatment is beyond us, but most of the problems you will experience are the same ones we have experienced, and we are glad to let you know how it worked for us.

If you have experienced a problem with your Lab that you think others may benefit from knowing about, please send us an email with details. We will do some research and include it below.