The Internet has given us a wealth of information to be able to understand and be aware of canine health issues, than at any other time. Common sense and experience in the "school of hard knocks" have shown us what works

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Alternative Health Care  Links

The web contains all the information we ever need on every disease know to man or dog. Last summer after an unsuccessful breeding attempt between Doc and a beautiful chocolate Lab, I found out what Pyometra was. Now I probably know more about it than most vets 50 years ago. Recently, a critical circumstance with a litter of pups caused us to research and turn to alternate methods of treatment, dramatically saving an exceptional litter of pups. Things like this have caused us to change the way we approach health care at Alderwood. Following you will find some startling facts that we discovered and it may open care options for your pet that we at Alderwood have adopted. We have included some of our favorite Alternate Health Care Products and Links... Enjoy! 

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Trivia:  An apple a day..... did you know many Labs love apples!
Ear Infections
Salmon Poisoning
Urinary Problems
Thyroid Problems
Vaccination Detoxification
A Natural Antibiotic
Sprayed by a Skunk
Porcupine Quills
Kennel Cough
Antifreeze & Dogs
Raisin Toxicity
Crystals in Pup's Urine
Foreign Objects

Wise as an owl, I must be,
to protect that ole dog and me.
Seems there's always trouble hangin roun
Tryin to hurt that ole hound.


I'll watch him close and protect him good,
Cause I told him that I would
Nuthin but good for him and me
Cause that's the way that it should be!