logo One of the most passionate groups of Labrador Retriever owners is the group that uses their Lab as a hunter/retriever. The Labrador is equally at home flushing upland game or retrieving ducks and geese in marshes or big cold water.
Hunting Labrador Retrievers
The Labrador Retriever is among the most versatile of canine breeds. They excel at being a loving family dog, patiently performing the acts of being a pillow, a wrestling partner, playing ball in the back yard and being all all forgiving companion. Then, on the weekend, they mystically transform into an enthusiastic hunting partner, capable of super feats of intelligence, diligence, stamina and obedience. If you have ever watched a 75 lb. Labrador wrestling a wounded 15 lb Canadian Honker you know the admiration that I speak of when I say "Lab, Master Hunter"!
Remember, your Lab can't tell you that he is cold or tired!

Your Hunting Partner

At Alderwood our purpose is to promote the Labrador Retriever as an all around American dog, suitable for a family pet or a hard working partner. That said, at Alderwood, our passion is the Labrador as a hunting partner without equal.  Most Labs will retrieve and hunt, it takes a dedicated partnership to turn your Lab into a master hunter. Starting when your pup is 7 weeks old with "Basic Training" and progressing into the "Started Dog" and finally to "Handling" there is no greater satisfaction than to see your partner as an extension of your purpose communicating almost without words to get the job done! still working here

Following you will find a list of links that will direct you to a point of training.

Training Your Hunting Lab Step Recommended
Basic Training (Seven Weeks to Six Months)
Getting to Know Each Other - Housebreaking 1 the 10 Minute Retriever
Come 2 Water Dog
Sit 3  
Stay - Sit Still in the Blind - Watch It 4  
Walk on a leash (Heel) 5  
Drop It 6  
The Started Hunter/Retriever (Six Months to One Year)
Retrieve to Me 1  
Drop and Sit - Come Back 2  
Mark the Bird (Dummy) 3  
Multiple Retrieves 4  
The Handling Hunter/Retriever (One Year to.......?)
Blind Retrieves - Respond to Hand/Arm Signals 1  


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