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A purpose at Alderwood, among others, is breeding happy Labradors to make happy people. We enjoy our Labs as companions, we push them in competition, we hunt with them and we mate individuals to collectively improve upon the characteristics of the dogs we own. We keep some, others are adopted to families.

Labs at the Door Litter Schedule at Alderwood

 Some want big Labs others want a smaller Lab, some like a certain color, others a replacement for a loved companion that is now gone (that's a tough one), some want a running/hiking buddy, others a competition dog, some want to hunt with their Labs, others just a companion. All want a Labrador, a Lab can do all that and more! Some are more inclined than others in certain areas. Our big job is observe the natural characteristics of a male and a female Lab and mate them to produce pups that are inclined a certain way. Considerations of genetics, size, attitude, disposition and inclination all combine to hopefully create a certain pup.
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