logo We breed very nice Labrador Retriever Pups! Usually the litter is reserved before they are born, so we had to come up with a registration system that tries to be fair to everyone.
Labs in the Pond Registration, Deposits & Price Overview
We establish a list of 8 registered customers per litter that can reserve a pup and place a deposit of $100 at around 5 weeks of age. Customer selection preference is based on successful registration dates. Pups are ready to go home at 7 weeks of age.
We also create a waiting list for customers that registered after the initial 8 that will be notified if a pup is available.
Price - Yellow, Black or Chocolate  $650

  Our goal is to provide a fun and memorable experience during your puppy adoption. The process/policy below helps us offer that to our customers.

Please contact us with any questions to help you get to know us. We welcome and encourage you to visit us and meet the dogs. We also want to get to know you in an effort to help our pups find responsible and caring homes. We will ask some general questions in the registration process to help us accomplish that. Thank you!      

 Simply call or email us with any questions. Payments and deposits may be sent to us using check, cash or PayPal, (we can send you instructions on how to do that) deposits must be made within 72 hours of reserving a pup. We ask that the final payment is made when you pick up you pup at around 7 weeks old.

Puppy Reservation and Deposit Policy updates 4/29/2011
cannot guarantee that a planned litter will be born nor can we guarantee the puppy count, gender or color mix of the litter. We assign eight primary registrations per litter. This registration will get you on a "no obligation" email list that will keep you up to date of "litter events" such as; date of breeding, going into labor, and posting of pictures and puppy weights. When the pups are 3-4 weeks old we will identify each pup with a collar and id tag and post individual pictures and weights on our website, schedule some puppy meet and greet dates (we do limit visits during the first 2 weeks of age). We will ask that you communicate with us by the pup's 5th week of age and we will grant puppy selections in the order of customer's registration dates. When the pups are 5 weeks old, we will accept a $100 deposit, if you have not contacted us by the scheduled deposit day, we will allow customers with a later registration date to proceed with their puppy deposits. Please do not ask us to take a deposit before that time unless you are the 1st registered customer on the litter list. . We encourage you to visit when the pups are 3-5 weeks old and begin your "choice" process. The deposits will be accepted here in person or arranged via phone on the scheduled day. Deposits are non-refundable but may be "rolled forward" to another pup/litter of your choice.

A waiting list per litter will also be established for a second round of deposits for litters larger than 8 pups and to take the place of any primary list customers that did not reserve a pup. This email will go out around the 5th week of age for available puppies.

Our litter registrations are generally filled months before the litter is born, so registering early is always recommended.

Please Note:  We strongly feel your pup should be with you by about 7-8 weeks of age and we do not want to keep the pick-up date open-ended. If the scheduled pick-up dates do not work for you, please make arrangements with us as soon as possible. We will charge a boarding fee of $10 per day (or any part of a day) past our agreed upon pick-up date.