logo We love Labrador Retrievers and try to learn all we can about the caring for this great breed. We find books that are very good and we find those that not so good. The books listed on this page are used and recommrnded.
Books at Alderwood
The Labrador Retriever community is as dedicated as it is large! Labs have been the most popular breed in America for over 12 years and when you get that many folks reading and writing about their experiences with Labs, you will find a wealth of knowledge. The books we offer here have been owned and used by us in the development of our dogs at Alderwood. We have been successful because of other folks (and a lot of hard work) and want to make these resources available to you as well. Hope you enjoy learning about Labs as much as we have and that you save a bunch of time sorting through titles to see what is good.
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Fans of the National Geographic Channel's The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan will be grateful for Cesar's Way, an accessible guide to help new and current dog owners better understand the needs of their beloved pets. If you are not yet a fan, try to catch a couple of episodes of the remarkable show--you will be amazed, impressed, and motivated to create a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with your dog. In Cesar's Way, Cesar explains that dogs are not complicated, and despite what various owners think--not human. They rely on three key elements in their lives: exercise, discipline, and affection (in that order). "Problem dogs" can be attributed to "problem owners," owners who don't understand and misinterpret their dog's behavior. Cesar's Way is really a training program for dog owners, with chapters devoted to understanding the "power of the pack," taking responsibility for "how we screw up our dogs," and learning how to manage aggression. Cesar's book (a must-have for new and old dog owners) moves beyond basic obedience school techniques, and teaches owners how to change unwanted behavior by better understanding their "best friends." --Daphne Durham  
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