logo Labradors can perform many different roles in their relationship to people. Family pets, hunting, therapy, Search & Rescue, police work, eyes for the blind, companion assistance to name a few. How to go about choosing the right puppy is always a challenge.
How to Choose a Puppy

How do I ever select just the right litter and then the right pup for me from that litter? Well, that's a tough one, but maybe we can help.... it takes a little time, and a little patience, but it can be done! There are some questions that you need to ask yourself, then we can begin the process of finding the perfect companion.
1. Will your Lab be a family dog or a hunting dog or both?
2. Will you do Agility, Big Air or other competition activities?
3. Will you do Search and Rescue, Therapy or Police work?
4. Do you have the time to train and exercise your Lab?
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We specialize in:
Family Dog:
The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog in America for the last nine years! That really does speak for itself.
Hunting Dog:
Upland birds or waterfowl, the Lab is equally at home in cornfields or marshes, many Labs are hunting machines.

Many breeds are single purpose dogs. If you were to adopt a herding dog, you may find your children constantly being herded. A protective breed may require to be locked up when friends visit and a lap dog could be very uncomfortable at the beach.
Happy People  
You can have it all! The Labrador Retriever is a very versatile breed. They can be a wonderful family dog during the week, romping, chasing tennis balls or hanging out just being a friend. However, come the weekend many Labs can transform into a enthusiastic hunting partner, a competition dog or S&R hero or many other roles that Labs perform so wonderfully..  

The selection of your pup is only the beginning. Genetics are only a part of a great Lab. A commitment to consistent, timely training will transform your puppy into the best dog you ever owned.  
Notes and Alerts...  
Be careful about buying a pup where you can't meet and interact with both the mother and the father.