logo Pups and people are what Alderwood is all about. Labrador Retriever are the smartest, cutest, most lovable.....well, you get the picture. Of couse maybe a little bias!
All At the Door Alderwood - Past Puppy Pics

We are proud of our puppies! Almost as proud as the folks who adopt them. Each one is special and we would love to know the story of each of their lives. However, we know that is not going to happen, so we take pictures, here we share a few of our favorites so you can enjoy them as much as we do. The expressions are priceless, especially when you remember the stories as we do. Maybe someday we can categorize them by litter so you can identify better, but for now, enjoy!

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures



Who can resist a Lab puppy? Certainly, not me, I think they are the best dog that God ever made! The pics don't do them justice, I find myself just standing and watching at the puppy pen, often laughing, I think I could spend all day there.



Penny going home, this is what it's all about!


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Spring 2011

Sierra & Ben Spring 2011


Jazzi & Hooch Spring 2011


Maggie & Doc Spring 2011

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General Cuteness

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