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At Alderwood we have tried to include whatever you need for the well being of your Lab and your relationship with him. All of us have interest on the feeding, health care and basic training of our canine companions. However, many desire to go beyond these areas into special activities in which Labradors excel. Be it breeding your Lab, competing with your Lab in the show ring or athletic events or using your Lab for upland bird hunting one day and rigorous duck and goose retrieving the next the Labrador Retriever is up to whatever you ask them to do. It's just all in how you ask them and show them what you want.


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Feeding Your Lab:

We get more questions concerning feeding than any other subject. So much of what your Lab does, acts, plays and enjoys good health is connected to their diet. Confusion abounds in the pet community regarding diet and so much of that is driven by advertising claims that are driven from a profit motive rather than a motive directed at the well being of your Lab. We will try to share what we have learned. (Click here for details)

Health Care for Your Lab:
It distresses me to hear stories of Labs leaving us in the prime of their life. Often the very things we do to protect our pets seem to be a cause of difficulty. There are real concerns about our vaccination schedules, dog parks, foods and supplements, allergies, immune and blood problems and of course cancer. We try to give you the latest and best info on these problems. (Click here for details)

Training Your Lab:
The folks who adopt pups from us will attest that one of my "speeches" concerns the necessary training of their pup at least in the basic obedience lessons that will make them a delightful dog. A Lab is a big energetic dog that loves to play and even more to work for you. Here at Alderwood we have developed an online training schedule and instruction guide that will help you to train your Lab (Click here for details)
Breeding Your Lab:
If you decide to breed your Labrador, there are many factors to consider and decide. Foremost, is the intent of creating a breed standard litter that will perpetuate or improve the characteristics of the sire and dam. For the casual breeder the responsibility litter care can be daunting if prior experience is not possessed. All that said raising a litter of Labs can be one of the most rewarding and educational things you can do (Click here for details)
Hunting Your Lab:
We believe the Labrador Retriever is the best all around hunting dog available today. Now I know there are those who will actively debate that statement, however, once a person has worked with a well trained Lab either in pursuit of upland game or the marshes, lakes and rivers of waterfowl habitat, all on the same weekend, cannot debate my statement to any extent. (Click here for details)
American Kennel Club  (AKC)
Dog Owners Guide
Labrador Art
Cascade Dock Dogs (local)
Dock Dogs (National)
Northwest Hunting & Fishing Forum
Muck-Boy - great hunting/fishing resource
Read the shocking story on canine food ingredients
 (not for the faint of heart)
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