logo Well, sooner or later it comes down to rolling up the the sleeves and showing a potential customer what we got that they might like. Here we are rolling up our sleeves and here you are looking at what we got..... hope we both get happy!
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Here you can find everything that we have for sale. It's not a whole lot, but what we do offer we have tried here at Alderwood and can sure tell you that it works! We have also partnered with other sites, usually where we do business, and have arranged to provide links for you to these sites. Any transaction you make is between you and them, but we can tell you that we don't put a link on out site unless we have successfully used their product or service.

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sami Books: (click here)
We all can't know everything! There are some folks who are kind enough to share what they have with those of us who don't have it, for a price! The books we suggest here have helped us.
hooch Clothing: (click here)
Everybody likes to identify with something. Those of us whose Labs own us like to tell the world about what we have found. Hats, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, great gifts for you or for someone else!
molly Health Care: (click here)
Vets are expensive and my GrandMa used to say "an ounce or prevention is with a pound of cure", those items and tips we offer here certainly can be an ounce of prevention
Jazzi Labrador Stuff: (click here)
I like to surround myself with stuff I like! If some of that stuff reminds me of Labs then that makes me happy, when I am happy the world is OK even though it doesn't look that way. Check out our stuff, it might make you happy!
Maggie Training Equip: (click here)
If you have bought a pup from us, you have heard my speech on training. All the items you need are offered here, no excuses allowed!

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